15 maio 2010

Modelo de Carta para a Host Family

Segue a carta que escrevi para o meu Application, espero que ajude quem está preenchendo o application e quem está interessado no programa Au Pair.

OBS: A carta eu passei a mão depois e também utilizei bordas coloridas que colori a mão... Para ficar o mais original possível.

Hello Host Family,

First a want to say that I’m very excited to know you and your whole family, and hope that I can be your Au Pair and have a great year together.

My name is Vanessa Aparecida Gomes de Lima, I have 23 years old and live at São Paulo the Financial Center of Brazil. I use to say that is a concrete jungle. In São Paulo we have all the necessary structure to follow your dreams. I love lives here for all the qualities and the arm people.

I have two brothers, my older sister Lucélia has 26 years and she live at Curitiba (city of Paraná other state of Brazil) and she is Architect at the Jones Lang LaSalle and she’s the prude of whole family, my younger brother has 21 years he don’t start a college yet, but of this year don’t passes. My mother Sonia has 47 years old she is an Administrative Assistant she marry again with my stepfather Paulo Sérgio he has 50 years old and is Physical Education Teacher. I live with my mother, her husband and my lovely brother.

About me, last year (JUN/2009) I locked my History School at the 4th semester when the financial crisis catches me. I always want to study history because I think that if the kids didn’t know about their past than theirs future will not be better. The world needs of people that change for the best, and only teaching the kids everything about the past of their parents they’ll see that can make a better world to live for another generations. And last but not only reason because I love history.

Beyond loves history I likes to do read romances, books the inspire us to follow our dreams and newspaper for know what happen in our city, country or world and don’t be alien and uninformed. Since I stop the college I started to read a lot books for my mind don’t stop too. Reading is important for enrich the vocabulary and always have things to talk with everyone. Probable I’ll take with me some books for reading before I sleep, this is so important. I have others hobbies: Shopping, Movies, Parks, Travel and Cultural Tours – Know other culture is amazing and renews my soul.

In Brazil I have few friends, I can say that a have two greats friends Luciana and Danielle, they lives in may heart and are like my sister. Unfortunately Danielle aren’t live in São Paulo, now something about 5 years and live in Caldas Novas (Goiás other state of Brazil), but always we talk at Messenger, e-mail and see each other when she travel to São Paulo or I travel to Caldas Novas, the friendship never ends, and she is formed in Administration. And Luciana she lives here in São Paulo, she is in the last semester of Physiotherapy, always we can I go to her home or she to mine, out in the weekends and go shopping I knew her when I have 17 years old and she 18 years through Danielle, so you can imagine that we three are very close! We’re so friends stronger that some birthdays of our parents are in same date.

Now that you know more about me you’re asking: Why does she choose be an Au pair? So when I stop study last year I stay very sad and needs found other thing to do, at this time I started to search about Cultural Interchange and only in December/2009 I found the a website talking about Au Pair and my eyes shine like stars in the sky, principally because I have because I had all the requirements and LOVE KIDS (on of the reasons that I choose study history) than I see that my English level will better quickly, more safety and peacefulness for my mother that will stay in Brazil.

One of the requirements to be Au Pair is having at least 200hrs of child care, so that’s my experiments:

-When I locked the college a friend of job Tatiana needs help with your child Lucas for her study for her Administration School, “So I said that’s Ok”. For help I need stay in her house. At morning we go together take Lucas to school and work, at the end of work I catch him and go home. In the time we spend together I make him meal, help with the lesson and put to slip, she needs my help for four weekends in two months.

-In January/2009 I take care for one weekend of Bruno in my house when him mother go study, we play a lot: At the first day was raining so we didn’t can do anything outside, so we stay at home, and he watch TV, play of soccer inside of home, play of hide and seek and in the end of night put he to sleep. At the second day we go to Ibirapuera Park (beautiful park we a lot trees, lakes, playground, bicycle path, lawn and birds. There we play soccer, eat, he play with other kids, made ice cream and go home.

-In January/2008 I take care of Marcela, she spend a whole holyday at my house. At Friday we watch movies on TV, play in the computer (she love The Sims) and talk a lot (she’s very communicative) in Saturday we go out, shopping, playground, I need buy a Tickets to Travel and she go with me, was very funny. In the playground I go with her in simulator, because she was scared. When was to nightfall we go home and Sunday her parents came to catch her and we stay in home I let her play The Sims, and do everything she wants at home.

I really hope that this interchange changes my life and when I back to Brazil I finish my studies. So I hope too that your family could learn more about the Brazilian culture and likes of the job I’ll make with your children (s).

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